Simple Home. Simple Life.

Want to declutter the easy way?


  • one short email each day with directions for quick tasks to declutter key areas & categories at home

  • photo inspiration with organizing ideas

  • only 15 minutes required daily, so you won't tire out and give up

  • real-life before and after photo inspiration from others going through the challenge

  • motivation within the private Facebook group

  • pro-tips and more resources at the end of the challenge to help you declutter bigger areas if you need it

  • no fluffy, long lessons or stories

  • no stress

  • no big time commitment

  • just a home that feels lighter and takes way less time to keep

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This course was INCREDIBLE! You changed my life and my home. Thank you for your help in decluttering my life. 

~ Michele V. 

Just wanted to thank you for the motivation and guidance in this declutter challenge!  What a great way to strart the New Year....feeling lighter!

~ Suzanne H. 

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Best course I’ve taken on decluttering!! So insightful and helpful and practical. Thank you so much!

~Andrea S. 

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I loved the daily emails, it helped me focus and gave a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day. And I loved seeing everyone's pictures of before and after!

~Joy A. 


if you...

- feel suffocated by the clutter in your home

- have a nagging feeling that there's more to life than cleaning & tidying

-hate to open your cupboards and closets because of the “stuff” that’s lurking inside

-need a way to begin decluttering that's not overwhelming or tiring

-need to do a second or third sweep of decluttering your home

Then the dash is for you!

21-day declutter dash coaching program

The Declutter Dash is now closed. The next one will run January 2020. Sign up for my email list in the meantime for lots of tips on simplifying your home.