Simple Home. Simple Life.

Want to declutter the easy way?



You know the benefits of decluttering:

- more space, more time, more freedom, more room to breathe, more calm, more energy

- less cleaning, less chaos, less frustration, less organizing, less anxiety, less stress.


actually finding the time and energy to declutter is another matter. It can be so overwhelming to even begin! Or you start and get so played out with an all-day declutter session that you never get back to it again.

That's why I've simplified it for you.

You’ll get a short email each day with directions for quick tasks to declutter key parts of your home. The tasks only take about 15 minutes each, so you won't tire out and give up. The idea is to keep it simple and easy - no fluff, no big time commitment, no guilt and no stress. Just a home that feels lighter and gives you the freedom you deserve.

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21 Quick Declutter Dashes

You'll receive an email from me each morning for 21 days prompting you to take one small action step that will take you about 15 minutes. Anything more than that will be too overwhelming. I'll give you clear instructions plus photo ideas to inspire you, and above all, the motivation to get it done so you'll reap the benefits.

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Community Support

You'll have access to a really fun private Facebook Group where other challenge participants who are going through the Dash at the same time will support, encourage and inspire you with photos of their own decluttered areas. We're all in this together and can learn from one another. It's a journey, and it helps to have others in it with you.


Freedom That Lasts

The best part is how light and free you'll feel after the 21 days! And this feeling will last more than just another three weeks. At the end of the course you'll receive pro-tips on how to maintain a clutter-free more ways you can further simplify for a home that truly supports you and your goals. This challenge can be a life-changer. 


What past participants have said…

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This course was INCREDIBLE! You changed my life and my home. Thank you for your help in decluttering my life. 

~ Michele V. 

Just wanted to thank you for the motivation and guidance in this declutter challenge!  What a great way to strart the New Year....feeling lighter!

~ Suzanne H. 

50 px sprig.jpg

Best course I’ve taken on decluttering!! So insightful and helpful and practical. Thank you so much!

~Andrea S. 

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I loved the daily emails, it helped me focus and gave a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day. And I loved seeing everyone's pictures of before and after!

~Joy A. 


if you...

- feel suffocated by the clutter in your home

- have a nagging feeling that there's more to life than cleaning & tidying

-need a way to begin decluttering that's not overwhelming

-need to do a second sweep of decluttering your home

Then the dash is for you!

21-day declutter dash coaching program

Sorry, the 21-Day Decluttter Dash is now closed.

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