2015 Gift Guide for Simple & Meaningful Holiday Giving

I love curating a gift guide each year that promotes giving in a meaningful, simple and sustainable fashion. By this I mean choosing gifts that are a) hand-crafted by artisans, makers or even yourself;  b) organic and healthy and bring a bit of nature into our homes; or c) promote simple living and celebrate a meaningful life.  

These gifts are all available online and some could even be a DIY project at home. They support craftspeople and small business, contribute to helping others and the planet, and/or promote sustainable, simple and beautiful lifestyles. I hope that these ideas can help simplify your shopping list this year - just click all photos for sources and to place your order. 

PS - of course I'm going to begin my list this year with one of my own handmade natural products from the Erthe line!   PPS - thanks so much for your continued wonderful support of this collection. 

For more gift ideas, visit my Etsy Tastemaker page. Happy gifting! 

Kelly AndersonComment