3 simple steps to a more sustainable life

Can we all take a minute to stop and celebrate our wonderful planet, breath in some fresh air and appreciate the beauty around us? Whether rural, urban or suburban, there are corners of the Earth all around us to be grateful for. To show our appreciation, let's get more serious about stewarding Mother Earth. This weekend, do three simple things to make your home and life more sustainable, thereby making a contribution to your environment...and your happiness. 

1. . Plant something. Whether a windowsill herb, a patio container garden, or a backyard veggie haven, get your hands into the ground, enjoy the sensory bliss of connecting to the earth, and grow something from seed. Here's a simple DIY that will help you get started. 

2. Mend and make do.  Embrace repurposing, fixing or reclaiming something old instead of consuming more by buying something new. Perhaps paint a floor instead of replacing it. Wallpaper a scratched chair. Turn an empty coffee can into a new light shade

3. Make a healthy change at home. Do at least one thing to reduce the toxins in your home. Switch to all-natural cleaners, or make your bathroom eco-friendly and healthy with water-efficient fixtures and a natural-fibre shower curtain. These and more ideas and sources here

It's time to get in the game of building a more sustainable and healthy life and planet. Let's all do it together.

3 simple steps to a more sustainable and healthy life