11 reasons to turn a garden shed into living space

The lowly garden shed has grown up. Europeans have embraced using sheds as living space for some time, and it is now catching on in North America as well.  It's a way to expand your living space without having to build bigger.

Here are 11 reasons why you should think about building a shed in the backyard, or turning your existing shed into an extension of your home.

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1. It can be the space you don't have in the house for a home office. Also great if you have clients that come to your office, since they don't need to go in the house.

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2. It's a retreat, separate from the house and the rest of its occupants and responsibilities.

3. It can be an art or craft studio where everything has a place and nature can inspire.

4. It's an extra room for the kids toys where there's no worry about a mess.


5. It can be a hobby room for say, a musician or gamer.

6. How about a yoga studio or gym space?

7. It's a great way to extend outdoor living space from house to patio to dining area.


8. Writer's block? Not in this kind of shed. 


9. It can be a beautiful garden room and storage space for keeping outdoor tools and toys. 

10. It's cost-effective. Only having to design and fill one room is reasonable on the pocketbook but gives a big payout.

11. It will add value to your home. An extra room that is fully functional will certainly add immediate value to your property, in a sustainable way.


So, is your shed living up to its potential?