find it: eco-friendly wallpaper

I'm loving wallpaper these days, especially the eco-friendly kind. Here's a roundup of eco-friendly wallpaper options that are chemical-free and made of natural fibre -  environmentally friendly wallpaper is paper, not vinyl, and therefore better for landfills. Plus, they're so cute! 

find it: eco-friendly wallpaper options

Check out the sources of these ones at ReNest:

These colourful choices for environmentally friendly wallpaper are available at Canadian online company Saplings and offer chemical-free water-based pigment dyes.

Graham & Brown offers an eco-collection that is available online and at Home Depot

Home Depot also offers eco-friendly wallpaper from British Design Talent that uses100% waterbased inks, no VOC's and comes in compost-able packaging.

Another Canadian company offering green wallpaper products is Charles Rupert Designs.

Mod Green Pod offers rolls of brilliant graphic prints using water-based inks on certified organic-based cotton fabric.

Madison and Grow papers are hand silk-screened in California with water-based ink. 

So with all of these selections, it is getting easier to find a look you want while still being green. Will you go to eco-wallpapers now?