lessons from nate

I've always been of fan of Nate Berkus and his simple, casual, mix-n-match style. He's a big proponent, as am I, of bringing natural elements into a space, and of reusing and repurposing timeless vintage pieces. Nate has described his work as "tradition with an edge." He doesn't necessarily grab onto trends, but sticks to his classic, comfortable and clean style and incorporates trendy pieces through accessories. He also mixes colours, textures, materials and styles to make things interesting.

Nate's rooms are always warm and inviting, but also have that sparkle that makes them feel very special. Take a look at some of his designs and notice how he pays attention to details that complete the spaces: large area rugs; out-of-the-ordinary materials like stainless steel countertops; over-sized and unique lighting; mirrors;  luxurious window treatments; and of course, flowers in every room.

The other great thing about Nate is that he makes decorating accessible to everyone, whether through his own affordable collections or through segments on his show that teach us how to put together amazing spaces on a budget.Yup, I just love Nate. Don't you?

All images courtesy of Nate BerkusElle Decor and Glamour.

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