welcome to 2012

Happy New Year! My prediction for design in 2012 is that more people will be looking for ways to make their homes their own without spending too much, without consuming too many new materials, and leaving a light footprint in the process.

There are all kinds of trend predictions at the beginning of a new year. For example, this year the Pantone colour is Tangerine Tango. And all of the paint retailers have their own colour predictions, including blues, greens and yellows.  The use of more colour in general is trendy right now.


Trends come and go. I say what you should remember is to make your home comfortable, functional, and a place that gives you a great feeling when you walk in the door. Homes are for living and for reflecting who you are. Doing what's right for you and your family will always be on trend.

That said, updating your space and keeping it fresh is fun, so if you are looking to make a few changes in the new year and wondering where to start, here are a few ideas:

1. Bring nature in. Use wood, stone and greenery throughout your home. Keep colour palettes close to natural tones. Use greens, blues, browns and whites that are found in nature.  And bring sticks and flowers and other beautiful things from the outdoors inside for decorating.


2. Stick to neutrals. Neutrals (black, whites, grays and browns) will always stay in style. The trendy neutral now is gray, in all shades. I particularly love gray because it is modern and goes with either cool or warm colours.


3. Use trends in small ways. If you like to try the trends, add them in places that won't cost much to change if you get tired of them later. Instead of finding a vintage sofa, try a side chair or table. Don't change up your curtains just to get a trendy colour in the room. Try changing the paint instead. It's much cheaper to change again later.


4. Start with the essentials.

  • Make sure you have comfortable and classic seating in your living room so that you can have great conversations when entertaining, and have a usable space for everyday use. 
  • Create a focal point. It could be a fireplace, a sideboard vignette or a fantastic piece of art.  
  • If you don't have one already, create a great headboard for your bed. It completes a bedroom. 
  • Update your lighting. Start slowly and just do one at a time. Keep your eyes open for vintage pieces and big box lighting that is cheap and chic. 
  • Layer. Creating lots of texture though layering pillows, throws, curtains, linens, etc will add a coziness to your home that both you and guests will love. 


I hope this helps you think about what you would like to do in your home in 2012. All the best for a wonderful year!

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