One Room Challenge home office reveal

white home office reveal - one room challenge

Phew, six weeks went by fast! I have to give it to Linda at My Crafty Home Life for sparking this blogger challenge to finish a room. I'm so pleased with how my office/library turned out, and it has been so inspiring to watch the transformation of my other challengers' rooms.

I wanted to turn the small den in my condo, which doesn't have any windows, into a bright home office/reading room/guest room. A small space like this has to use every square inch and be divided into zones. And of course, it had to be painted white in order exude as much light as possible. 

I started out with a design board and it kept me on track throughout the project - you can check it out here. 

I began the project with a narrow beige empty room and no furniture, since I have recently moved to Calgary bringing with me only my suitcase and some personal things like photos and books. I proceeded to paint the walls white, introduced a white cross-legged desk, shelving units and an IKEA storage locker. Then I mixed in a few vintage pieces, including wire baskets, crates and boxes for magazine, book, fabric and office supply storage. 

I kept my small-ish budget for this project in tact by making my own corner headboard for a daybed that's to be used for both guests and for me to cozy up and read on. 

I covered a discount chair with wallpaper - tutorial here

DIY IKEA chair wallpaper hack

And made some DIY artwork from scrap pieces of mdf boards. 

DIY abstract art from leftover wood

I'm loving my new desk,  and the mood board keeps me motivated. I simply made by painting out an old cork board found in a thrift store with white paint. 

white desk and moodboard
eclectic office desk and mood board

Tin cans wrapped in wallpaper, glass jars and baskets hold craft and office supplies. A tray is turned into a neat charging station. 

magazine and electronics storage
one room challenge home office/guest room
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