Sustainable home case study: small and stylish

Who says you can't live small and well? This 540 square foot home of designerJessica Helgerson is almost entirely made of reclaimed materials. The building itself is now being recycled for the fourth time: it was first built in the early 1940s to house shipyard workers; then it was floated down the river to Sauvie Island (Oregon), where it became the goose-check station; years later it was remodeled to become a rental house; now, it is home to Jessica, her architect husband Yianni Doulis and their two kids. 

As part of the remodel, theroof was replaced with a green roof, planted with moss and ferns. New appliances and lighting are all eco-friendly. Amazing work. The simple and open design makes space planning and storage important, but also gives such an airy feel for a small home. This is a marvel in how to create a sustainable home very simply. 

 Photographs by Lincoln Barber.

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