water conservation never looked so good

I read an intriguing article in Whole Living magazine on the weekend about the dire need for us all to get better at conserving water. Did you know that nearly two-thirds of the world's population will experience water shortages by 2025? That is scary. Whole Living gives some great tips on everyday things we can do help save our water supply, and some of them even give us great excuses to amp up our style as well! 

water conservation and good design at home

For instance, tip #5: choose efficient appliances. Who doesn't want a good reason to upgrade your washer and dryer and, for that matter, your whole laundry room?

House and Home

And tip #17: keep a pitcher of water in the fridge. So why not have a pretty pitcher that will encourage you to bring it out and use it often? 

Pottery Barn

How about tip #24: harvest the rain. What better reason to pretty up your yard? 


Tip#36: swap shower heads. There are so many beautiful energy-efficient options these days. 

Shower Filters

And of course tip #39: upgrade your toilet. And the bathroom around it?


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