quick refresh: closet organization

Well I finally refreshed my walk-in bedroom closet this weekend, and made it much more organized - and pretty, of course! It took only a couple of hours but it made a big difference.

small closet organization

First, I hung a curtain across the opening using a tension shower rod. I also grouped all of my hanging clothes onto the same hangers for a cohesive look and used open boxes on top shelves for seasonal storage. 

Next, I utilized the blank wall for shoe and bag storage. I hung two strips of floor trim moulding cut to size at the hardware store. I screwed them to the wall and hung my heels on them.

Above the shoes I hung two short pieces of trim and added antique door knobs on which I can hang bags and scarves. 

bags and scarves hung on vintage door knobs

I hung my belts on dollar store hooks, and added a reupholstered antique bench to sit on while putting on my shoes. 

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