Quick Rental Refresh: DIY removable wallpaper backsplash

I've been wanting to jazz up my little condo kitchen for a while, but since I'm renting, there's not much I can do about the cabinets or countertops. What I came up with was using removable wallpaper to create a temporary backsplash. 

I used leftover wallpaper that I had previously used on a focal wall in the adjoining dining room, so it tied the rooms together. This paper is strip-able so I can remove it when I leave and it won't harm the walls. I put a coat of polyurethane on top to help protect the paper from splashes and food stains. 

This was a no cost, 1-hour project, and it helps spice up a standard kitchen without spending money on new materials. Pretty great option for renters or just those who don't yet want to spend money on a permanent backsplas, don't you think?