sustainable home: the floating farmhouse

This renovation of an 1820's farmhouse in upstate New York stopped me in my tracks as I cruised the Dwell  website last weekend.

sustainable home case study: the floating farmhouse

Homeowner and contractor Tom Givone was careful to be historically sensitive as well as creatively innovative all while keeping the footprint of his project as light as possible.

A new wing was erected that is similar in proportion to the original gabled structure but finished with a transparent 22-foot-tall wall of skyscraper glass. 

Barn beams were added for character and new trim work was milled from trees onsite. 

Old and new materials mix seamlessly, like this salvaged 19th century soaking tub wrapped in stainless steel. Wow. 

And the old cedar roof shingles and exterior planking as part of the new master bedroom in the addition. 

What a gem. This truly proves (to me anyway) that taking something old and making it new again is the way to go, both for sustainability and for character. You can read more at Dwell.