weekend wandering: Austria

I've never been to Austria, but if (and when) I go, I will be staying at Hotel Daniel in Vienna, sustainably housed in a refreshed 1960's building in the centre of the city action. Coined as "smart luxury", the urban aesthetic and clean, calming design draw me in from the pictures alone. The hammocks in the rooms, emerald green tiles and raindance showerheads in the baths, and a front desk that's actually a bakery and gift shop are wonderfully innovative ideas. Add in interesting details like industrial lighting and mixing modern designer chairs with pallet sofa tables and you get a space that's honest, inviting and invigorating. And a feast for the senses. I'm there.

Photos courtesy Hotel Daniel.  From the site: 

"Interestingly, the history of the establishment built in the 1960s in the Landstraßer Gürtel is quite unique. At that time it was Austria’s first building to feature a revolutionary curtain wall façade that is listed today as a historical monument. The architect was none other than the renowned architect, Georg Lippert. Throughout his life,his work was characterised by de- dicated functionality and objective honesty. A kind of philosophy that was fully consistent with the renovation plans of "AtelierHeiss Architects“. And also wonderfully emphasizes the Hotel Daniel’s concept 'Smart Luxury'."

Kelly AndersonComment