$25 guest bedroom refresh + DIY side tables

In my newly rented townhome, I have the luxury of a guest bedroom dedicated for my family and friends who come to visit me from the East and West coasts (hint hint). However, it's a blank space with only my previous bed in it, but no side tables or any decor. I had a budget of slim to nil, so I needed to get creative to turn this empty space into a proper guest bedroom. 

DIY upcycled round side tables with wallpaper top

Creativity was also called for since I couldn't touch the beige wall paint either. I worked with it to add a gentle turquoise colour and fresh white bedding. Here's what I did:

- I started with the bed which I had previously reupholstered for an earlier home. 

- Curtains were repurposed from my previous home to add a little sophistication. 

- I found a pair of unfinished MDF-wood side tables on Kijiji for $25 and painted them out in glossy black (left over from another project), and then cut a round piece of scrap wallpaper to fit the top underneath the pieces of glass that came with the tables. 

- I painted over an old canvas to create homemade "art" in coordinating turquoise/beige/brown tones. 





DIY $25 guest bedroom refresh and thrifted side tables

It's not fancy, but it's comfy and functions as a proper guest room for $25. Calling all friends to come for a visit!