The Importance of Play + Real Life Colour Inspiration

Play is so important in a balanced life, isn't it? You know, the kind of time spent when we feel carefree and unencumbered with any of life's burdens. I truly believe, as research suggests, that a fulfilling and joyful life must be balanced with work, health and play. 

That's why on the weekends I make it a priority to do things I love - and two of them are going to farmers' markets and photography. 

I've been taking photography courses over the last couple of years, and like to take my camera with me to capture real life scenes with gorgeous colour combos. They inspire me for my creative work with clients or in my own home decorating. 

Now that it's September and getting into harvest season, the colours at the farmers' markets are out in all their glory.  Like these peaches, fresh from orchards here in southern Ontario. 

The colour palette is so earthy and mellow, just what would be very comforting indoors during the coming cold months. 

I encourage you to get out and enjoy your weekends during this fantastic Fall season. For further inspiration, here are a few more shots from my day at St. Jacob's Market. Happy long weekend all.