Organizing a Small Condo Bathroom

I've been moving into my new little condo which, of course, has a new little bathroom. I like a bathroom that's bright and uncluttered so I can start my day with a sense of calm. So decorating and organizing solutions for a tiny condo bathroom like this one are key.

First off, I kept some white space and added only white and natural accessories, keeping it light and serene. The shower curtain is 100% cotton and the mirror (made from old barn board by my brother) bounces light around the room. 

How to organize and decorate a tiny condo bathroom

I love these IKEA hooks that fold up when not in use, so I'm not continually banging into them. Two of them worked well in my bathroom to hang up wet towels. With no linen closet, extra towels are stored in an antique crate and facecloths fit nicely on the back of the toilet in a wire basket. Soaps and bath supplies are on display in glass jars corralled together on a tray on the counter. Makeup is organized in a basket in a closed drawer. 


Simple. Pretty. Healthy. Natural. Less really is more!