The 'nothing-new-move' experiment: how to live with less

Yep, that's right. I moved last weekend from a 2-story, 3-bedroom townhome to a 700 sqft. 1-bedroom condo and purchased absolutely nothing new. Not a lamp. Not a rug. Not a hook. Not a lightbulb. Nothing. Nada. Zippo. And in fact I got rid of MUCH of my stuff before I moved. And I'm here to say that decorating and organizing a new home can be done very successfully with no budget. 

The purpose of my move was to downsize, save money and simplify my life. So I made a pact with myself that nothing new would be purchased when setting up my new home. Oh it was tempting. IKEA called. I wanted to find a few things that really fit the new layout I was working with. But I held out. In fact, in addition to not consuming new products, I even increased the amount of money in my bank account and the goodwill in my karma account. I held a yard sale and made $500 from furniture and decorations I really didn't need. I also donated two carloads full of clothes, bags and household items to local causes. I gotta tell you it feels really good to simplify and only bring things into my new home that are useful and that I truly love. 

So here's how it turned out. 

how to live with less in a small space
white condo kitchen - moving without purchasing anything new

I started with a beautiful blank slate of white walls and high ceilings. Insert some black, neutrals and lots of warm texture from baskets and textiles, the vintage pieces I invested in years ago, green plants and meaningful mementos from 'home' on the East Coast, and I've created a comfy oasis that reflects my desire for modern serenity. 

How-to's for the reclaimed and DIY projects throughout my home are here. Hope you are inspired to live a simple life without consuming quite so much!