2014: cultivating contentment

Last January I wrote of my search for moderation     and I'm pleased with the progress I made on that front. While I still worked hard and set lofty goals, I moderated my innate desire for perfection, for immediate results, and for "more".  I consumed fewer material goods,  opted for a smaller living space to call home, and spent a little less time on work and more on my spirit.

Now, I find myself staring down 2014 with a desire to achieve real contentment in life. For me that means cultivating a healthy mind, body, spirit, and planet.

How to accomplish this lofty goal? That's what I'll be figuring out over the year, but it will most certainly include connecting with nature, living more simply and in the present, serving others, practicing yoga and meditation daily, eating a primarily plant based diet, living sustainably, and investigating holistic and natural ways to turn homes into sanctuaries. 

Our world is a complicated and hectic place. There are many problems. Big ones. All we can do is try to leave the places and spaces we visit and occupy a little better than we found them. And stop to take in the beauty that surrounds us in things big and small. That is what will leave an impact on people and on the planet. And that is when contentment will emerge. 

I wish you all a wonderful 2014 and I hope you will follow along and find posts that inspire you to decorate simply and naturally, think sustainably and sleep peacefully! 

Kelly Anderson4 Comments