Layer up and stay warm organically's cold outside! Well, if we can't see the tulips quite yet, at least we can still enjoy guilt-free lazy weekend mornings snuggled up in bed. How to create that never-get-out-cozy-bed and also stay healthy? Layers of soft and healthy organic textiles. 

layer up to stay warm with organic textiles

Try to amp up the comfort and health benefits of your bedding by choosing 100% natural organic materials.  The most comfortable sheets to sleep in are made of 100% natural fibers like cotton, linen, hemp and silk. Bamboo sheets are even becoming popular. These natural fibers breathe and wick moisture, and are healthiest when free of chemical finishes (hint: don't choose wrinkle free). 

Wool blankets and wool-filled comforters are lovely options for comfort and health. Alpaca or sheep wool comforters resist dust mites and mildew unlike down. If you're able, choose an untreated organic mattress as well. 

John Lewis Organic Bedding

John Lewis Organic Bedding

Adding extra blankets or grandma's quilts at the foot of the bed look great and also add extra warmth. Have lots of soft pillows for piling up when reading, and have good lighting on both sides.  And add a rug or small mat so that your toes don't get cold when running out to the kitchen for a tea or coffee!