6 eco-friendly tips for a healthy bathroom

Want to get a jump on Spring cleaning and also make your home healthier and more eco-friendly? Tackle your bathroom. Here are six quick and easy ways to refresh your bathroom so it's both stylish and healthy  - for you and the planet. 

6 Eco-friendly tips for a healthy bathroom

1. Ditch your plastic vinyl shower curtain and/or liner.  

Plastic shower liners are made with PVC which contains carcinogens and other toxins that off-gas and leave toxins in your home. Get rid of them now. If you must still use plastic for your liner, switch to one made of PEVA.  PEVA (and EVA as well) is still plastic,  but it's PVC-free, chlorine-free and biodegradable, with many fewer VOC's emitted into your home.  Even better, switch your curtain to a natural material like 100% cotton, linen or hemp.

six ways to a healthier bathroom

2. Swap your toiletries for all-natural and organic options.

Using organic hand-made soaps not only cleans your hands and body without the added chemicals that come with commercial brands, they also make your bathroom smell great. Stock up and store them in a glass jar and open the lid to wonderfully refresh the room.

3. Use a natural cleaner. 

Vinegar, water and essential oils is a great DIY all-purpose cleaner, and good ol' baking soda works wonders for scrubbing shower scum and mold. To prevent mold in the first place, keep a bottle of water with tea tree essential oil in the shower and spray down daily. Tea tree oil is a natural mold killer. Check out my natural cleaning formulas and labels

6 tricks to a healthy eco-friendly bathroom

4. Bring in nature.

Introduce plants that love the humidity , flowers, branches or reclaimed wood to add an earth element to the bathroom. It's an instant and cheap way to decorate without purchasing consumer goods that have been shipped from far away and may off-gas in this small room. 

5. Get your toothbrush off the counter.

Keep your toothbrush and paste in a medicine cabinet or under the sink. It makes for a nice clean look on your counter, but even more importantly it prevents gross stuff from landing on it after flushing. Eww. 

6. Save water.

Limit shower time and turn off the tap while brushing your teeth. And if you're ready to invest a bit of time and money, get a low-flow shower head and/or a shower head water filter. A low flow toilet is also great, if you happen to need a new one anyway. I wrote in detail about water saving tips in the bathroom here. 

6 hacks for a healthier bathroom

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6 ways to create a healthy ec0-friendly bathroom