find it: eco-chic summer entertaining

I can't believe we are already heading into long weekend time when true outdoor summer entertaining season begins! I love backyard dinners and cocktails, so I rounded up a few eco-friendly essentials for setting an outdoor table this summer.

1. First, you'll need to head to the farmers market to pick up fresh fruits, veggies, goodies and flowers - and you can carry them in this reusable and collapsible bag from  Blue Avocado.

2. These cute kraft paper toppers from  CatchSomeRaes  would make lovely place markers.

3. Candles outside in the evening are a must - but make sure they are all-natural and not emitting nasty chemicals around your guests or the food. These pure beeswax ones from  Noble Beeswax Candles    are wonderful.

4. I love the simple yet elegant tablecloths and runners from  Bambeco.

5. These upcycled drinking glasses by  Wine Punts that are made from the bottoms of wine bottles are brilliant.

6. Cloth napkins up the game, and they also help save trees. These organic cotton versions with frayed edges by    Simple is Pretty Shop  are beautiful.

7. Why not create a natural centrepiece by using herbs that guests can snip off and use during the meal? Photo credit via  GH. Aged terracotta pots available from  OliverandRust.

8. These gorgeous hand painted ceramic bowls from  Provisions    are perfect for finishing off the evening with ice cream!