real life importance of a mood board

I've been taking a course from Holly Becker's Blogging Your Way series and one of our homework assignments has me thoughtfully assessing the importance of mood boards in all the creative work we do. Of course I've done mood boards in design work for myself and my clients, but I've not really thought about using a mood board to inspire my blog and business. Of course it makes sense. Just as a board helps us stay on track when making decisions about the design of a space, a board will also come in handy for adding and deleting everything that goes into your business. This concept could also be extended to any part of our lives really. Trying to write a book? Do a mood board. Big project at work? Mood board it. Kid's birthday party coming up? Get them to help you create a board.

In the class, we have been working on defining our colour seasons, and mine is autumn, with a hefty dose of summer thrown in. This means my blog and business (and me) are earthy and organic, professional but informal, invoke a strong sense of history, and are organized, timeless and traditional. Colours are muted, soft, delicate and warm but light. I've created a moodboard to try and capture this, and it will be what I will use to guide me as I continue to develop my blog and business over the next year. Hint - good things to come!

I thought you might like to see a few other moodboards from some talented people that constantly inspire me. Make sure to follow them on Instagram for a delightful feed.

Breanna Rose

Need help creating a moodboard, or even a full design board?

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