Creating a Healthy Winter Bedroom

Brrr....winter has definitely arrived in Canada! We had our first real snow this week; I love how pretty it makes everything, but it sure does make me want to stay inside and curl up. So, what better time to redecorate my bedroom to make it cosy, and of course, healthy, for winter? 

I'm really lucky to have big south-west facing windows that let lots of natural light into my bedroom. So I've filled it with plants. It's a really good idea to bring plants into the bedroom, especially in winter when the windows are closed most of the time, because they help keep the air fresh and toxin-free. Plants clean the air and also connect us with the outside natural world. They'll help us sleep better and (at least in my opinion) give us a good start to the day. I'd much rather wake up to a plant than to my phone or a calendar or clothes strewn all over the place. 

I invested in a couple of new plants and moved others in from another room. New plants need new containers - so I took soup cans and wrapped/glued yarn and jute around them. No cost there.

I also had fun with a DIY project to create terrariums from repurposed light bulbs. Instructions on this post

Another quick way I refreshed my bedroom for winter is decluttering and organizing.  First, I added vintage vessels and baskets. Books are kept close at hand and neat in a vintage bike rack, and a nature-inspired pottery plate corrals bedside stuff. More little trays and bowls on my dresser keep jewelry handy without looking cluttered. I even hung some by tacks in the wall to double as storage and wall art!  I highly I believe that organizing and making life easier day-day improves quality of life, and therefore overall health. 

Of course, the final element in creating a cozy and healthy bedroom for the winter season is to invest in really good organic bedding. I add an extra chunky throw in case I'm cold, and often change to flannel sheets and a goose-down duvet.  Check out Boll & Branch for great organic options. 

Happy hibernating friends.