4 simple DIY holiday cards

Do you hate spending on store-bought cards as much as I do? Original and natural is much more interesting, isn't it? This year I've got four ideas for you for super-simple DIY home-made cards using natural or re-purposed materials, and a little creativity.

The first uses a cedar tip secured with a hot glue gun to card stock. Next, dried pressed flowers are used for Christmas ornaments on the tree.

The other all-natural card idea requires snips of greenery - pine, fir, cedar - anything will work. Using a hot glue gun, secure the tips in a circle to form a wreath. A button card is so easy - simply hot glue old buttons on the card and use a ruler to draw a straight line off the end.

This watercolour tree was also super easy - I used these instructions.

Hope these inspire you to create your own Christmas cards this year. Have fun!

Kelly AndersonComment