living simply and mindfully in 2015

Happy New Year and welcome to 2015 friends! I hope your year has been as wonderful as mine has been. Last year at this time I wrote about seeking contentment, and now I can say that I've found it in abundance. I worked on becoming still, mindful, and present in every moment. I grew in faith and in confidence that I am where I am supposed to be, and that I have what I need to thrive.

This year, my intention is to build on that notion of "having what I need." By this I mean both inside (courage, wisdom, health, strength, peace) and outside (a cozy home, family and friends, good books to read, wholesome food to eat).

Have you thought much about being content with what you already have, and knowing that everything you need is already with you? It seems in this life we are always striving for something - a better job, new trendy furniture, the latest smartphone, or even just to make it to the weekend or a vacation week. I've been discovering that the key to contentment is to enjoy wherever we are and whatever we have right now. And know that what we need, we already have. We don't need a vacation - we already have the ability to be calm and rested through daily meditation, a neighbourhood walk, or time spent reading and learning. We don't need trendy new furniture - we can read blogs on how to reclaim our old pieces and work with what we have to make our homes inviting. We don't need to make more money or be more "successful" - we can scale back our lifestyle of living in excess, thereby providing more time for the really meaningful things. We have the ability right now, within ourselves and within our circumstances, to live a simple, wholesome, happy life.

My wish for all of us this year is to live simply, and to be mindful of what we already have in our lives, thereby minimizing the need to strive for, work for or shop for "more". I'll work on providing you with ideas, links, inspiration and how-to's on doing just that - especially when it comes to creating a home that will promote this way of life.

Thank you to everyone for your wonderful support and encouragement. It means so much and is deeply appreciated. Happy 2015!

Kelly AndersonComment