DIY budget summer bedroom refresh

I just love blue ticking fabric, don't you? It feels so summer coastal cottage - I can smell the strawberries and feel the warm breeze now.

So when I spotted the iconic pattern in a cotton duvet cover at IKEA, I grabbed it. I decided that I would use it to lighten up my bedroom for summer - by reupholstering my bed frame. I couldn't spend much - so I went to work on a creative DIY summer refresh on a tight budget. 

I used natural elements, some vintage pieces and my own artwork to create a mood board to keep me on track, and then got going.

My frame is a platform bed covered in ugly brown 'pleather' but it's easy to recover using just a staple gun. One duvet cover was more than enough to cover the headboard, sideboards and footboard, plus I get to use the two pillow shams as well. There was no sewing involved here- just a staple gun, working from the centre out and pulling the fabric very tightly all the way across the headboard, then the sideboard, then the footboard. 

Lavender, white crisp sheets and a textured white blanket make for a sensual and soothing retreat.

I found an amazing vintage industrial light cage and an antique bracket to hang a bedside pendant lamp.

Add some DIY art in a repurposed old frame, plants and a few vintage industrial pieces and my coast summer bedroom is complete, for a total of $80 (duvet cover, light cage and bracket).

Are you lightening up your bedroom for summer?