Hanging on to Summer by Bringing Nature Inside

Gasp! The leaves are turning colour at an alarming rate in my backyard, even though the temperatures have remained unseasonably warm. I guess it is September after all (and it's actually my favourite month - I'm a Virgo). So to keep a little bit of summer and outdoor living front and centre for as long as possible, I've refreshed my parents' country home fireplace mantel by bringing nature inside. 

fireplace mantle styling for September

First, a little DIY: the botanical prints are calendar pages clipped out and framed;  I also framed some leaves a couple of years ago and now they've yellowed into beautiful muted tones. 

DIY framed botanical prints
DIY framed leaves

Next, I brought in a couple of house plants and put one of them into a woven basket that picks up on the colour of the wood picture frames. 

The twig wreath is simple and organic, and an interesting cross-section of a tree stands as art that is straight from nature. (PS - these kind of amazing reclaimed wood pieces will be for sale as part of the Erthe line coming at the end of the month). 

Fall fireplace mantel styling
reclaimed wood slice art

This simple and organic collected display is part of this month's Urban Jungle Bloggers "Plants and Art" series, and I'm also participating in Styling the Seasons as well. Check out both of these lovely websites and tags #urbanjunglebloggers #stylingtheseasons  for more great ideas and inspiration on refreshing your home for September.