Make your bathroom work for you with a $50 refresh

You may know that right now I'm cohabitating with my brother and sister-in-law in their home which they now use only as a vacation home. It's a wonderful blessing to have a beautiful home in the country that keeps me close to family and friends and lets me focus on a simple life.  

One of the things I always promote when you move into a new space is to set it up to simplify your daily life and routines. Make it beautiful of course, but make it functional first.

Quick $50 bathroom refresh
simple and quick bathroom refresh with paint and new shower curtain

A white and light space improves my mood dramatically (you can read about the benefits here), so the bathroom, where I begin every day, needs to be a space that gets me energized and uplifted. 

I found the blue paint that was on the master bathroom walls a bit dark, and the mirror frames and shower curtain were dark as well. Paint and a paint brush easily made this space one that adds happiness to my life. I painted out the walls to take advantage of the skylight in the shower casting beautiful natural light into the small room. 

I also painted out the vanity mirror and full-length mirror with semi-gloss untinted white and spruced up the trim, vanity and built-in shelving with the same. I then painted the walls Sherwin Williams Pure White - a neutral soft grey-white that lightened up the space a lot.

I switched out the shower curtain for a fun blue and white patterned 100% cotton curtain panel found on sale at Wicker Emporium. I also hung a curtain (one I already had) on a tension rod to hide the stacking washer and dryer in the space. 

Laundry soaps are kept handy in glass jars on the windowsill. Other soaps and bath salts are kept in jars on the counter as a way to have them handy and out in the open but also make a pretty vignette. The open wall shelving around the vanity is kept minimal so it doesn't feel cluttered and stress me out every day. Pretty vintage trays, jars and baskets hold make-up, soaps and skincare essentials, and I keep bulky things like a hair dryer, toothbrush, etc. in the closed cabinet below the sink in baskets to keep them neat. 

using pain to transform a bathroom on a budget
using a curtain and tension rod to hide a stackable washer dryer in bathroom
keeping clutter at bay in the bathroom
store soaps and bath essentials in pretty jars
CIL Winter Bird in budget bathroom refresh
laundry soap organized in pretty jar

Without changing expensive things like flooring, lighting, the vanity, or any fixtures, this bathroom got a major refresh, all for the cost of paint and a shower curtain - a total of $50.

So what's stopping you from refreshing your bathroom to make it work better for you? 

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