Styling the Seasons: August

I've always been one to style surfaces of my home according to the seasons. Not even just the four seasons, but monthly seasons. So much changes in a month, doesn't it? I can't believe we are nearing the end of August already and things in the gardens and fields have changed so dramatically. I've even (gasp!) seen a couple of leaves changing colour! 

So what does styling for the seasons mean inside our homes? This is what an inspiring group of bloggers has been exploring over the past year; you can follow and join the monthly styling tips across social media at #stylingtheseasons. It's the wonderful collaboration of Katy at Apartment Apothecary and Charlotte at Lotts and Lots.  

DIY driftwood vase and art

For me, styling the seasons means refreshing a table or corner of my home with a display of something that reflects what nature is presenting in all her glory in that moment. For August, this means lots of yellows and greens in my neck of the woods on the East Coast of Canada. Golden rod in out in abundance, and richly coloured but delicate ferns and hydrangeas sway in the summer breeze. I've arranged a fresh display of these botanical beauties on a yellow antique jam cupboard that was my great grandmother's.

antique jam cupboard display

Driftwood and branches add to the natural design of this vignette. A friend found this hollowed out piece of driftwood on her riverside property and challenged me to do something with it. So I simply dropped a vase inside and used it upright as a driftwood vase. I'll probably turn it on its side and use it for something else later on - it's so beautiful and versatile! 

driftwood vase DIY

The art is a home-made DIY watercolour, and the vintage grate and pulley were finds from an antique market some time ago. This natural and vintage display was cheap and easy to pull together, and perfectly reflects my outdoor surroundings this month.

styling the seasons August

What does your styling for the seasons look like? I encourage you to play along for September. It's a great excuse to stop and really look at how things have changed in a month, both inside and out. 

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