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The tranquility of the your living room

I recently re-read a favourite book, Gift From the Sea, by Anne Morrow Lindbergh, and it sparked a renewed yearning for the tranquility we get from a warm, beach vacation.

Lindbergh observes that on the beach "we are free of thoughts, at least of their articulation; clean and bare as whitened driftwood; empty as shells, ready to be filled up again with the impersonal sea and sky and wind."

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Sources for a modern comfortable living room on a budget

I've been working with a client this week who wants to refresh her small-ish living room so that it's more comfortable and inviting for her family of four. She didn't need a ton of help - her home is already beautiful and welcoming - but she felt she needed a little help getting the layout right and sourcing some new furniture. I spent just a little time this week through Design Coaching to get her on her way to completing the room on her own. 

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5 essentials for a functional entryway - even if it's small

Entryways to our homes create one of two immediate feelings: welcoming and peaceful, or cluttered and chaotic. One of the biggest problems I see a lot of clients and friends struggling with is a small entryway with little room to organize and store stuff. The family ends up tripping over shoes and jackets and getting irritated every time they enter their tiny cluttered space. That's not the way our homes should greet us!

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How to design a casual summer home (plus sources)

Last week I encouraged you to paint your space white to lighten up for summer. If you want to move a step beyond that, I've gathered for you all the essentials you'll need to refresh your home or cottage to make it casual, inviting, and relaxing for the season. 

I had fun working on a client project this week for her summer cottage. We worked with a lot of her own furniture and added in a few fresh things that will update the cottage without doing a major makeover on it. I came across some great items while

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A simple guide to rugs in the bedroom

I love rugs, but I'm not one to have a whole bunch of small rugs thrown around a small space. It can look cluttered and can also be a tripping hazard, especially in the bedroom when we're walking around half asleep. One large rug that sits under the bottom two-thirds of your bed and allows room on each side for you to step on is optimal. It anchors the bed nicely so that it's pleasing to the eye and automatically inspires a feeling of warmth and serenity. Plus, it's practical since it keeps your tootsies from touching the cold floor first thing in the morning. Choose one that's soft and comforting underfoot.

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