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Six Steps to an Essentialist Home

If you've been following my blog for a while, you know that I'm an Essentialist. I think of it as being a more moderate sister of the Minimalist. I'm not trying to get down to a certain number of things in my home or create a capsule wardrobe, but I am about paring down anything that gets in the way of the essence of what I want my home and life to be like.My own essential home has white walls that are calming and drawers and cupboards that aren't packed full of 'stuff'. But it's also full of

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How to Keep Calm and Smile On

For the past week or so I’ve come across so many friends and coworkers who are frazzled, tired and ready to give in - give in to the overwhelm they’ve been desperately trying to keep at bay; give in to the despair lurking in the relentless media broadcasts of the horrible things happening around the world; and give in to their inner voice that says “it’s all too much; I can’t do it.”

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