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How to Repurpose & Reuse What you Already Have When Decorating your Home

I recently read a very interesting book by  Annie Leonard called  The Story of Stuff .  In it she describes our consumer society as "a system in crisis" and gives some frightening facts about how our materialistic values are now threatening our very being. In a nutshell, the system is flawed throughout various stages :

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Minimalism Vs Maximalism and the Problem with Each

Last week Fast Co. Design published the article “Minimalism is Dead. Hello Maximalism”, which touted a return to trendy, colourful, bold, and high-end furniture and interior designs. Citing designers using lush and expensive materials, elaborate patterns, and global influences, the article seemed to back the design industry’s new attempt to play to consumers’ desire for personal expression, not minimalist perfection.  

It really irked me.

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