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To DIY or not to DIY?

I admit it. I'm a little lazy. Not always, but often. And that means I haven't been doing much DIY lately in my home. So I understand when clients and friends tell me that they don't want the  $#% DIY instructions to create a home they love, they just want the sources for where to buy what they need!

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How to design a casual summer home (plus sources)

Last week I encouraged you to paint your space white to lighten up for summer. If you want to move a step beyond that, I've gathered for you all the essentials you'll need to refresh your home or cottage to make it casual, inviting, and relaxing for the season. 

I had fun working on a client project this week for her summer cottage. We worked with a lot of her own furniture and added in a few fresh things that will update the cottage without doing a major makeover on it. I came across some great items while

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