To DIY or not to DIY?

I admit it. I'm a little lazy. Not always, but often. And that means I haven't been doing much DIY lately in my home. So I understand when clients and friends tell me that they don't want the  $#% DIY instructions to create a home they love, they just want the sources for where to buy what they need!

Fair enough, but sometimes all we need is simply to take a minute to conjure up little creativity for big savings in cost and a big payoff in a unique sense of style. However, the DIY decor I undertake must always be super simple and not take much time or I'll end up right beside my clients in the aisles of HomeSense

Of course, it sometimes doesn't pay to do something ourselves so we need to be mindful of when to DIY and when not to. For example, unless it's super simple, electric and plumbing jobs should always be left to the professionals. Flooring and countertops too for the most part. But decor, wall art, painting, even backsplash tiling - all of these things we can take on ourselves when we want a change! 

So here's my big list of posts to use as a resource on how to DIY vs. how to "source-n-shop":