Why I Quit My Day Job to Live a Simple, Natural Life


Well I’ve done it.

Why I Quit my Day Job for Simple Life

I’m officially joining the growing group of individuals around the globe who’ve decided to get out of the busy 9-5 traditional work world in favour of a slower, more purposeful life. I’ve given my notice and I’m moving back home to where I grew up in a rural area on the East Coast of Canada, in order to ramp up my redesign business full time.  

I've lived, worked and explored across Canada in Calgary and the Toronto area - and loved every minute - but the still, slow pace of the Maritimes beckons. And the creative opportunities that come with solopreneurship have been calling my name; it’s been harder and harder to ignore those little taps on the shoulder to follow my passions and live with intention. It’s quite liberating. It’s extremely exciting. And it’s terribly scary.

It was a tough decision to make. I actually really like my day job, I’m pretty good at it, and I love the people I work with and those I’ve have had the pleasure of meeting throughout my career. But these good things sit in a world that has become more and more out of alignment with my personal values and purpose in life. My existence right now - and I know I’m far from alone here - is so busy, plugged-in and seemingly based on always achieving “more”. We are a society that is always on and connected – and while that enables many good things (friends around the world, new industries and opportunities, life-enhancing technology), it also means we are living further away from a ‘natural’ life.

I believe living a more natural life means balancing our online connected world with slowing down and connecting with nature. It means savouring our surroundings and living joyfully in the present. This art of living naturally can be made easier by simplifying our homes and incorporating holistic, sustainable design and décor. Simplifying our spaces can make room for comforting, real and meaningful experiences.

So here I am, moving halfway across the country taking a risk, but fully acknowledging my values of simplicity, generosity, connection, community, nature and faith. I’m editing my life the way I edit a space: making room for things that are only beautiful, meaningful and helpful.

By simplifying my life, I’m actually expanding it; and hopefully, I’ll be able to make an even bigger contribution. My goal is to produce more than I consume throughout my life on Earth and inspire others to do the same.

Here’s what I’ll be up to from now on: redesigning, creating and giving. I’ll be helping others redesign their spaces (no matter what the budget) to achieve a serene and comforting oasis so they too can live more natural, simple lives. I’ll be coaching others on how to live in the home their already in, instead of a dream home that’s realistically out of reach. And I’ll be spending more time giving (in as many ways as possible) to my family, friends, community and those around me who need help or kindness.  

I hope you’ll join me here on the site as I take the road less traveled. I’ll share some personal experiences and also give you lots of advice and resources on how you can make your spaces more naturally nourishing so you can live an abundant and joyful life.  I offer personal coaching and design services online and in-person in the Fredericton, NB region.

Subscribe to my coaching emails, and follow me through daily photos on Instagram. I’d also love to hear from you – please contact me to share your own journey, and let me know what you struggle with in simplifying your home and life. I’ll do my best to help. I look forward to our journey together! 

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