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Your dream home is waiting

The Calm Course will help you design it.

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Is your home a calm oasis that you love?

If not, you may not be living up to your personal potential.

Whether you realize it or not, your surroundings play a huge role in how productive, healthy and happy you are. Distractions, noise and piles of 'stuff' can block energy from flowing to you and prevent you from living purposefully and thriving.

The Calm Course will help you transform your home and workspace into calm and functional spaces that will help you recharge and be more productive and able to enjoy the good things in life. 

You don't have to be stressed, tired, flustered or stagnant any longer. You don't have to be slave to your home.

This course will walk you through easy steps to designing and decorating naturally healthy and simple spaces where you can thrive, and help you build habits that will lead you to a calmer yet more productive way of life. 

"I knew I had to declutter my home. It just felt so full and the stuff around me was suffocating. I wanted to be more free from my home so I could spend time with my kids. But I just couldn't get started on my own. I would get bogged down in one drawer and then end up giving up after hours! Plus, I had a hard time letting go of sentimental things. And besides that, I couldn't even concentrate on making things better because my schedule was so packed. Well, I decided to enroll in the course anyway, and made a commitment to just do the first couple of lessons. And wow, it really got me going! I was able to get very clear about my priorities and how I needed to essentialize to reach my goals. Then I was able to find more time to devote to the rest of the lessons, which helped me declutter, simplify and decorate so that now my home gives me comfort, not stress. I couldn't be happier with the time and money I spent on this."

~ Jess R.

The Calm Course Will Help You:

Calm Course

Declutter and simplify your home and workspace so that you'll be less burdened and more productive and peaceful.

Calm Course

Organize your spaces and set up systems and habits that will make daily life easier, resulting in more time and energy for intentional living.

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Help you decorate and "finish" your home so that it's personal, meaningful, beautiful and soothing, so you can keep calm & thrive.

“The Calm Course has been fantastic for me to help declutter, organize and provide a simplicity to my everyday. It’s well organized, easy to follow and full of many added resources to help along the way. If you are like me and feel like there's just too much everything….too much going on, too much stuff in your way, too much in your head….this course was great. The time you spend working through the modules will come back to you in droves because life will feel that much easier after you get through it.”

~ Lindsey G.

The Calm Course Includes:

-44 online written lessons you can work through at your own pace

-original photos to give you ideas and inspiration for your own home and workspace

-detailed yet simple actions steps in each lesson

-an intentional lesson order that helps you plan, essentialize, build new routines, declutter, set up systems, add function, decorate naturally, maintain calm, and gain momentum as you go

-direct access to me for any questions, guidance and accountability

-a private Facebook group full of other simplifiers sharing their wins, struggles, and best ideas for a simple home and a calm life

-a printable 'Weekly Essentials Planner'

-printable natural cleaner formulas & labels

-a printable wardrobe declutter checklist

-printable instructions to perform the 'Relaxation Response'

-shopping sources and DIY instructions

-tons of links to extra resources

“It seemed like my life was going by in a blur without me living it. I was constantly stressed and tired, but organizing and decluttering my home was too overwhelming for me on my own. When I started doing the lessons, it felt like Kelly was with me the whole time urging me to take baby steps and keep making progress. The directions were very simple and I liked having everything laid out for me. The tweaks I made to my house have made such a difference, and it didn't take forever to get there! I now have a daily practice of living that's simple and joyful. It's fantastic!"

~Andrea S. 

The Course at a Glance:

Module 1: Become an Essentialist

Create a Personal Calm Corner

Set a Vision, Goals and Intentions

Plan for Essentials

Envision Your Perfect Space

Establish a Morning Routine

Establish an Evening Routine




Module 2: Simplify and Create Function

Begin Decluttering

Make Small Home Hacks

Clear Your Surfaces

Create a Functional Entryway

Set Up a Designated Tech-Charging Station

Simplify Your Kitchen

Set Up a Drink Station

Calm Your Bedroom

Simplify Your Master Bathroom

Reclaim Your Living Room for Living

Declutter the Kids' Rooms

Module 3: Simplify Daily & Weekly Tasks

Menu Plan for Simplicity

Make Cooking and Baking Simpler

Re-think Cleaning

Switch to Natural Cleaning

Make Recycling Easier

Store and Label...Everything

Declutter Your Wardrobe

 Make Laundry More Fun

Get Ready to Entertain

Simplify Gifts & Cards



Module 4: Increase Clarity & Productivity

Optimize Your Workspace

Create a Simple Family Command Centre

Take Control of Paper

Do a Digital Detox

Declutter Your Mind

Finish Your Projects

Module 5: Design a Naturally Beautiful Home

Apply Simple Feng Shui

Create White Space at Home

Add Layers, Not Clutter

Add Meaning & Joy

Grow Indoor Plants for a Healthy Home

Connect with Nature at Home

Module 6: Maintain Balance & Peace

Keep Clean & Organized in 10 Minutes/Day

Achieve Better Life Balance

Practice Gratitude Daily

Let Go of Guilt & Sentimental Items

Grow, Evolve & Sustain Simplicity

Extra Resources

"I really liked this course! I did 2-3 sessions/week and it has been enough to keep me motivated. One of my favourite lessons was the morning ritual - I like the idea of rising earlier than everyone and having at least 20 min of "calm" to start my day. I have also taken your suggestion of starting a journal and this is helping me focus on what's important. Thank you for this course - it really is helping keep me calm!" 

~ Isabella P.

Don't have time to simplify right now? 

Then can I suggest...this is when you need to simplify the most?

The 'right time' to gain more control over your life and live calmer and happier is right now. No matter how busy you are. No matter how overwhelmed you feel. Because as soon as you begin editing and simplifying your life and your environments, you'll gain back time and energy for the best things in life. 

The beauty of taking an online course is that you can work at your own pace on lessons that will gently prod you to take action and achieve small wins. As you get going, you'll find that momentum will build and you'll have more time to do even more simplifying. It has a  compounding effect.

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You'll be hooked on the results. I sure was.

I've always been an organized person, but when I started intentionally building daily habits that gave me more clarity and calm, I experienced a definite shift in what I could accomplish without feeling overwhelmed or anxious. I learned that I could set up my spaces to support my goals and make them easier to achieve. I was able to move my life in a much more intentional direction that aligned with my values and the vision I had for my life. I made health gains, both physically and mentally. And I was so much happier! 

By the way, I'm Kelly Anderson, a space and lifestyle design coach and the creator of Refreshed Designs and The Calm Course. I provide personal online design coaching to clients who want to make their spaces simply beautiful and functional, and who want to design a more peaceful, natural lifestyle. 

If you:

  • feel suffocated by the clutter in your home
  • have a nagging feeling that there's more to life than mundane routines
  • lack the energy to do what you truly love to do
  • desire better health habits but don't know where to begin
  • desire to give more of yourself to your loved ones but feel overwhelmed by obligations
  • have a dream of trying something new but always say "it will have to wait"
  • have tried in vain to decorate your perfect home but haven't quite achieved "it"

the Calm Course will open up a world of light and positive energy for you. By the end of the course you'll be living more simply in a way that aligns with your dreams and goals, and you'll be experiencing calm contentment most days. Now is the time. 

“Since working with Kelly at first to simplify my home, and now to simplify my workspace and daily lifestyle habits, I’ve seen a tremendous difference in how I feel and project myself to others. I have a calmer demeanour, and feel like I accomplish more in a day, while also experiencing more peace. My workspace now makes me feel good every day, whereas I used to dread sitting down at my desk. And when I come home it’s like I’m sinking into a little piece of heaven. It’s very calming and restful for both me and my family. It’s made a huge difference in our everyday lives.” 

~ Sue M

This course is for you if...

-You feel like you spend way more time cleaning and organizing your home than making memories in it.

-You're so busy that you can't find time to do what you want and love, with the people you love.

-Your home is cluttered and far from calm, but you just don't know where or how to begin simplifying it.

-You have an organized-ish home but you'd like to be walked through a a step-by-step process of simplifying it further and tackling specific problem areas like your wardrobe, kitchen, closets and workspace. 

-Your home just doesn't feel "finished" and like "home".

-You want to entertain but feel too embarrassed to have people in your home.

-You're restless for change but can't seem to get started simplifying your lifestyle so you can live more intentionally. 

This course is NOT for you if...

-You want to become an extreme minimalist. While I believe in the practice of owning less stuff to gain more freedom, I practice and teach Essentialism, which is a more moderate way of simpifying to have only those things that will help you live a comfortable, joyful and abundant life. It's not solely about minimizing, although that may be part of it if that's what you need. It's about creating an environment that helps you thrive. 


Refreshed Designs simple living course

How is this course structured?

This is a self-paced course where you can immediately access all of the materials, including written instructions, action steps, photos, checklists, links and resources, as well as a private Facebook group for questions, feedback and sharing your work.

Can I get started right away?

Yes, once you've purchased the course you'll receive an email from me with your password and instructions to get started. You'll have immediate and lifetime access to the full course online. 

How long will the course take me?

Everyone works at a different pace, so it's hard to say how long it might take you, but if you tackle 3-5 lessons - with their actions steps - each week, you can expect to finish the course in 10-12 weeks. However, you might want to tackle one or two full modules on a weekend, and if so you could complete the course in as little as 4 weeks. There may also be some lessons that take you longer than others, depending on where you already are on your simplifying journey. 

Will I have access to you as a coach?

I am very active in the private Facebook group where I provide ongoing and timely support, prompts and feedback. You'll also be able to email me at any time. Plus, you can opt to purchase a one-hour private video call with me so that I can see your home, provide ideas, and answer any questions you may have about its design, function or about anything else in the course. 

Is it worth my investment?

There are many wonderful online courses about simplifying and decluttering, and each has their own unique approach. This course gives you simple instructions for decluttering, but goes way beyond that. You'll get detailed but simple action steps for designing a functional home, adding beauty and comfort and creating systems that will lead to good habits. You'll also get my personal design support. I really want to share the benefits that a simple life can bring, and I'm so enthusiastic about helping you get there.

Are you the right teacher for me?

Have a look at my portfolio and profile page to get a feel for my design style, my background and what my clients are saying.  And take a look at the latest blog posts. These will give you a good idea of what to expect in my course. My teaching style is relaxed and supportive, but I also always try and keep you moving so you reach your goal. Small steps=big results. 

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