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Programs & Courses

to walk you step-by-step through simplifying your home & life


If you’re looking for a quick start in simplifying and decluttering your home, take the free 7-Day mini-course that will guide you through small tasks and give you big wins. Each day’s homework will take only about 30-45 minutes and by the end of the week your home will feel lighter and calmer. Sign up now for FREE!


The Declutter Dash gives you instructions for 21 days of tiny decluttering tasks that will take you only about 15 minutes each day. The tasks will cover key areas of your home so you can make big headway in getting your space to a state of simplicity and calm. Gain back control of your home and feel lighter by the end of the month!


Runs every January

The Essentialist Home Program is a year-long online coaching program that will walk you through decluttering, organizing & simplifying every single area of your home in small steps. We’ll focus on one room or category at a time, gradually giving you back control and creating an environment that supports and nourishes you.

$147 CAD

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The Design Essentials Course contains all the ‘insider’ design and decorating lessons you need to create a beautiful, healthy and functional home. The course gives you the essentials, not useless information on trends or expensive furnishings. It’s the simple way to create a home you love without wasting time or money by getting things wrong.

$67 CAD

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The Life Essentials Course helps you slow down and become an Essentialist. It walks you through finding alignment with your true vision and goals in life, and then finding the stillness and balance to achieve them. If you’re feeling overwhelmed with a busy life and to-do list, this course will help you learn to prioritize, find meaning and enjoy every day more.

$47 CAD

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