Simple Home. Simple Life.

Design & Decorate a home you love

Without big designer fees or

a gazillion hours spent trying to make decisions


Imagine redesigning your home on your own and it turns out just like the Instagram photos but without the designer price tag.

The Design Essentials course gives you just the right amount of information you need so that you can quickly learn how to implement the ideas you see online without agonizing over the right paint colour or buying expensive new furnishings.

Bring your dream home to life without the DIY mistakes or hefty budget.


Is this you?

- you have a lovely home but it just feels unfinished

-your home needs an update but you don’t know where to begin

-you don’t know what your style is, let alone how to make it happen

-you want to be able to entertain in your home but are too embarrassed to invite anyone over

-you want a beautiful home but don’t want to waste money choosing the wrong things

-you’ve looked at so many blogs and magazines with decorating advice that you’re overwhelmed & frozen with indecision

- you want to refresh your home but don’t have much money to spend so need to do it wisely

If so, this is your lucky day.


This little gem will solve all your problems

OK, maybe not how to eat the ice cream without gaining 10 lbs…


The Design Essentials Course

These online lessons break down all the “design rules”, trends and mysteries about colour and furniture and decorating that can boggle the mind when you go online for answers.

I teach the SIMPLE WAY for homeowners to decorate and actually get their projects FINISHED on a small budget.

It involves simplifying the the decision process, repurposing and using sustainable practices whenever possible and creating a naturally healthy and beautiful home. You’ll:

figure out your style and make a plan

arrow down 2.jpg

choose the right colours and finishings

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reuse and repurpose as much as you can and source for the right new pieces you need

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then finish your home so that it’s meaningful, functional, sustainable, comfortable and beautiful.


Ready to refresh your home so it looks like a designer helped you but you forgot to pay them?


Here’s what you’ll get in the course:

circle pic 10.jpg

32 essential lessons

that break down what you need to know into small, digestible bits of information. I make the process of design and decorating simple so you’ll actually do it instead of just dreaming about it! Each lesson gives you the essentials you need to know plus photo inspiration and sources or tools to make it even easier for you to create the home you’ve been wanting.


Bonus material

that will help you not only decorate your home but help you do it sustainably and efficiently. I give you information on how to repurpose what you already have, purchasing eco-friendly options, making easy switches in your home to limit the toxins inside and how to create a home that will support you and your family. I believe a beautiful home is a healthy one too!


Coaching & community support

from me - your design coach! I’m available for any questions you have along the way through email and on our private student Facebook group where I answer group questions and post more ideas and inspiration. You’ll also have the benefit of being part of a group of students like you who you can chat with online and share real-life decorating ideas with.



Envision your Home

Minimalism, Maximalism, Essentialism

A Natural, Sustainable Home

BONUS E-BOOK: How to Switch to a Naturally Healthy Home


Start with Neutral

Choose Accent Colours

Consistent Trim, Doors & Woodwork

Wood Plank Walls





Shower Tile



The Entryway

The Kitchen


A Calm Bedroom



A Quiet Spot

Apply Simple Feng Shui

Make Healthy, Sustainable Swaps

Room for Wellness

Healthy Home Hacks

Grow Indoor Plants

Connect with Nature


Add Layers, Not Clutter

Add Meaning & Joy

Use Focal Points

Style your Bookcase

Style your Coffee Table

Style your Mantel

Style your Dining Table

Create Vignettes


Thanks for putting out such quality information. It’s made this whole process, which I find daunting, so much simpler. I’m only half through and already love my home!

~ Amanda P.

Kelly’s is one of the few blogs and emails I follow regularly because the advice she has is always so helpful! Thank you, Kelly for making such a difference in my life.

~ Meredith F.


This information saved me so much time and money that I would have wasted trying to decorate myself. Thank you so much for guiding me and making it easy.

~ Monique R.


Oh Hey, I’m Kelly.

Your design coach.

I’m a decorator and organizer and simplicity freak. I help people refresh their homes so that they feel alive in them again. I believe in creating homes that are functional first, then adding in natural and sustainable beauty. Through my clients, courses and online programs I’ve helped thousands of people create homes that they love to spend time in and that help them live their best lives.

I’m here to give you the knowledge, “designer tips”, a plan and the confidence to decorate your dream home.


REady to make your dream home a reality?

design essentials online course for homeowners
Design Essentials Course

Get step-by-step design lessons that give you the essentials you need to design and decorate a beautiful, meaningful and functional home.

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How is this course structured?

This is an online course that you take at your own pace. When you purchase you'll get immediate access to all of the written lessons online (plus lots of photo inspiration), plus a course checklist and other resources. You'll also get an email from me inviting you to join the private student Facebook Group, and/or email me at any time you need help.

How long will the lessons take me?

Each lesson will take only about 5 or 10 minutes to read through, and then it will be up to you when or if you want to implement what you’ve learned. Some lessons will apply to you more than others. I assure you, all the lessons are easy to go through and show you the simplest ways to design and decorate each area of your home - with the biggest result!

Do I have lifetime access to the lessons?

Yes! The lessons are all online on the program website and you'll have the password to access them at any time, in perpetuity. That means that you’ll get any additional or edited lessons I add to the course in the future. You'll also have lifetime access to the private Facebook Group which is active with others going through the same process. So you’ll be continually inspired by real-life photos and ideas as they continue to be posted by me and other students.

Will I have access to you as a coach?

You bet. I'm active in the private Facebook group where I provide ongoing support. You’ll also be able to email me at any time with questions about the course content. And if you want personalized design advice about your home, you can book an “Ask Me Anything” session.

Are you the right coach for me?

Have a look at my portfolio and profile page to get a feel for my design style, my background and what my clients are saying.  And take a look at the latest blog posts. These will give you a good idea of what to expect in my course.

Get started!

Design Essentials Course
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Thanks so much for your purchase. I can’t wait to see your results.