E-Fresh design


This is exciting! Achieving the room you've been dreaming of is closer than you think.

An e-fresh design will give you a professional and actionable plan that you can then carry out.

First, we'll chat online so you can show me your space and explain its challenges and what you'd like to achieve. I'll answer any questions you have, and then go offline to create a design board and floor plan that includes all sources and DIY instructions. I always try to repurpose and reuse any furniture and décor that you already own to make it meaningful while also saving you money and leaving a light footprint on the environment. You'll end up with a space you'll love to spend time in and that's beautiful - without making costly mistakes the first time around.

Let's connect so I can take the overwhelming decisions and time-consuming sourcing off your hands. 

Here's what comes next...

1. Add E-Fresh Design to your cart and pay via secure Stripe payment system. 

2. Fill out the form that goes with the Checkout Cart to tell me your contact info and the room you want to refresh. 

3. I'll email you within 24 hours (Mon-Sat) to arrange a good time to set up our video phone call. 

4. We'll chat on a video call for about 45 minutes, I'll see your space and get a good understanding from you about what you need and want (or if you don't know we'll figure it out together).  

5. I'll follow up within one-two weeks of our chat to provide a room refresh plan that includes a design board, floorplan, colour and decor suggestions, and a list of instructions, DIY ideas, and shopping sources you'll need to complete the room. 

6. You complete the room on your own time frame, making your own decisions on the suggestions provided. 

7. You have access to me by email for any questions along the way.  

Thanks so much for contacting me. I look forward to meeting and working with you.  

E-Fresh Design
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