Simple Home. Simple Life.

“I’m tired of feeling tired”

What if you could change your day-day routine and live a more balanced & meaningful life?


You can. By becoming an Essentialist.

Many of us are so worn out these days. It just seems like there’s so much on the ‘to-do’ list - work, kids, parents, household stuff, hobbies, commitments, even busy vacations! Add to that the constant noise we experience with digital screens and phones all day long and the fast pace at which we’re expected to respond to whatever they throw at us. Eventually, we become chronically stressed and tired, leading to sub-optimal performance, low energy, anxiety, cranky moods and general unhappiness.

When did we let this happen?

I was in this spot a number of years ago. I tried to do too much and couldn’t shut down, and as a result suffered from anxiety, panic attacks and ill health. I decided to make a change. In addition to Eckhart Tolle, Joel Osteen and a few other authors, I made the time to read Essentialism - and then changed my habits and systems and way of thinking.

I became an essentialist, and I began to experience life again. It was (and still is) amazing.

Small changes get big results.

The changes I made were not huge or overwhelming. I didn’t make a big career shift (although I did later on) or do everything at once. One by one, I began implementing new habits and tweaking my home and the systems I use every day so that they supported living in alignment with what I valued.

I began to feel calmer, healthier and more productive. I gained clarity. I made progress toward my big goals. And I was better able to be present and helpful to others as well.

You can feel calm, clear & happy again too.

I wrote down what worked for me and I’ve been using these lessons with clients who are getting the same amazing results. Here’s what they’ve said:

I really feel so much more in control of my days now. I’ve made new habits that keep me balanced and give me time to live well, not just survive.

~ Lydia P.

"I really liked this course! I did 2-3 sessions/week and it has been enough to keep me motivated. One of my favourite lessons was the morning ritual - I like the idea of rising earlier than everyone and having at least 20 min of "calm" to start my day. Thank you for this course - it really is helping keep me calm!" 

~ Isabella P.

I really liked the idea of implementing essentialism into my life, and this course was the perfect way for me to do it little by little. Just following the lessons and making the tweaks to my daily habits really made a huge difference. It didn’t take long for me to feel more in control and present in my own life.

~Erika C.

I really needed this right now! I was on full-throttle and never allowed myself to take the time to figure out my priorities. Now I have a plan and I say ‘no’ to anything that doesn’t fit in with it. Thank you so much!

~Debbie S.

Introducing the Life Essentials Course

The Life Essentials Course walks you through first finding clarity, then finding calm in your spaces and routines, then finding balance and finally finding meaning so that every single day is one you’ll wake up wanting to greet with a smile.

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24 essential lessons

that force you to think about aligning your daily life and your environments with what you value and strive for. The lessons are simple and to-the-point so as not to overwhelm you with more things you can’t finish! You’ll get clear action steps that you can easily implement.

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Bonus material

to help you calm your home so that your spaces feel more soothing and supportive to a calmer, more present lifestyle. You’ll also receive a downloadable weekly planner and resources for relaxation and meditation practices.

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Coaching & community support

from me and other students going through the course who are also simplifying their lives. I’m available for any questions you have along the way through email and on our private student Facebook group. It’s fun, supportive and inspiring to go through this together!



What is Essentialism?

Create a Personal Calm Corner

Set Your Vision, Goals & Intentions

Establish a Morning Routine

Establish an Evening Routine


Calm Your Home

Calm Your Workspace

Start Meditating

Do a Digital Detox

Declutter Your Mind

Finish Your Projects


Achieve better life balance

Find Balance When Working from Home

Plan for Essentials

Learn to Say ‘No’

Stop Being Busy

Plan for Play


Stop Chasing Happiness

Connect with Nature

Practice Daily Gratitude

Learn to be Positive

Rebuild Faith

Grow, Evolve, Learn

Don't Worry About It

Ready to become an essentialist?

Life Essentials Course - online course in essentialism
Life Essentials Course

The Life Essentials course helps you simplify your life and live more intentionally so that you feel calmer, happier and more productive every day. You’ll learn to prioritize and align your daily life with your deepest desires.

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How is this course structured?

This is an online course that you take at your own pace. When you purchase you'll get immediate access to all of the written lessons online, plus a course checklist and other resources. You'll also get an email from me inviting you to join the private student Facebook Group where you can chat with a community of like-minded people.

How long will the lessons take me?

Each written lesson will take only about 5 or 10 minutes to read through, and then it will be up to you when or if you want to implement what you’ve learned. Many lessons will simply require some time for you to think, assess your life and write down some new plans and changes. Others will require you to make some tweaks to your home and/or work environments. I assure you, all the lessons are easy to go through and outline the simplest ways to get down to the essentials in life.

Do I have lifetime access to the lessons?

Yes! The lessons are all online on the program website and you'll have the password to access them at any time, in perpetuity. That means that you’ll get any additional or edited lessons I add to the course in the future. You'll also have lifetime access to the private Facebook Group which is active with others going through the same process. So you’ll be continually inspired by photos and ideas and discussions.

Will I have access to you as a coach?

You bet. I'm very active in the private Facebook group where I provide ongoing support. You’ll also be able to email me at any time with questions about the course content.

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