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If you'd like to book one hour of personalized design and/or simplicity coaching - and ask me anything -  I'd be so pleased to virtually come into your home and help. Sometimes an objective person seeing your space and giving you a few ideas is all you need to help you finish a project or get over the hurdle of beginning a refresh. 

*If you are looking for more detailed help with your space (ex. a design board that will help you visualize your refresh or if you need more than one hour of coaching) the e-fresh design option is probably just what you need. 

Here's what comes next...

1. Add the 1-Hr Design Coaching to your cart and pay via secure Stripe payment system. 

2. Fill out the form that goes with the Checkout Cart to tell me your contact info and a little bit about your challenge. 

3. I'll email you within 24 hours (Mon-Sat) to arrange a good time to set up our video phone call. 

4. We'll chat on video (Facetime, Hangouts, Skype or Duo) so I can see your space and understand from you what you need and want. We'll both ask lots of questions, and I'll share with you my suggestions as we tour your space. 

5. I'll follow up with an email outlining what we discussed and include directions for any suggested DIY ideas and/or any links to furnishings, decor or colour sources. 

Thanks so much for contacting me. I look forward to meeting and working with you.  

1-Hour Design Coaching
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*HST will be added if ordering from Canada.