Resources I Use To Design A simple Home & Life


All-Natural DIY Home formulas

Simple formulas and sources so you can easily ditch the toxins in your cleaning and beauty products for a more naturally healthy home.

Apps and tools


The scheduling app that keeps a family in sync.

An app to help with menu planning, grocery lists and storying recipes.

Smart Home
Smart Home superstore for energy, lighting, locks and more. 

Still the best way to find and store ideas that speak to you for home design, cooking & exercising.

Ideas and inspiration plus contacts for professional builders, architects, and designers in your area.

Essential Oil Diffuser
Have one in the bedroom and main living area of your home to clean the air and inspire calm.

Very cool wireless speakers, alarm clocks and home automation.

iHandy Level
Always have a level ready when hanging artwork or shelving.

Handy house cleaning scheduler and reminder.


The Best Self Journal
A journal and planner that makes it easy to set goals, plan to achieve them, and be grateful along the way. 

Google Calendar
Simple & all I ever need. 

A visual way to organize, prioritize and collaborate with a team.

An extension to save you time and embarrasing mistakes! 

Turns your Chrome tabs into a task master.

Graphic design & templates for non-designers.

Notes, lists, collaboration and clippings all in one spot.
Music scientifically proven to stimulate the brain to improve performance. 

Free accounting, invoicing and expense app to make work life that much easier.



The guided meditation app that makes it simple and easier to stick with. 

Another great guided meditation app set to nature sounds. Or just play the sounds in the background while relaxing.

The fitness app that takes you through 7 minutes of HIIT anytime, anywhere. 

Stop. Breathe. Think.
An emothional wellness app that's perfect for when you need a quick 5-minute time out from chaos.

Relax Melodies
A sleep app for relaxing white noise and meditations.

Habitbull App
Break bad habits and form postive ones by tracking them.

Soda Stream
If you find it hard to get your 80-10 glasses of water in a day, this will help.

Tomato Timer
A simple timer for your computer and phone to remind you to take breaks and work in focused spurts.


Makelight by Emily Quinton
Kick your photography & Instagram up a notch!

Kim Klassen
Learn still life photography & all that comes with it.

Interesting crowdsourced stories and thoughtful articles. 

My favourite RSS feed for blogs and newsites categorized how I like to read them.

Apple Audiobooks
The easiest way to read more books if you're an iOS person. 

Amazon's monthly subscription service for audiobooks. So you can read while doing housework or driving. Brilliant.

Streaming music according to your mood or your favourite playlist. Allows you to rid your space of old CD's while still listening to the songs that make you smile. 


Shopping Sources

Blogs, Websites & Podcasts