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A simpler life begins with simplifying your spaces.


How can I help you?


If you're ready to declutter and design your home for simpler living, start with the free mini-course that will get you big results in only one week!

If you need help for your unique space challenges, book a design coaching session with me. An affordable option starting at just $100!

An e-fresh gives you an online design plan and sources so you can stop wrestling with indecision and start creating spaces you love to live in. 

 Kelly Anderson space and lifestyle design coach for simple living

HI, I'M KELLY, and I'm an essentialist.

Esssentialism means defining your priority goals, and doing only what is essential to achieve them. You create an essential home by surrounding yourself with only the things that help you live well and achieve those goals. It's a more moderate sister to minimalism; the ultimate in simple living. It's what I've adopted for my own home and what I coach others to do as well.


"Kelly's advice has really helped me to make the small changes in my home and office I needed to feel less scattered. I was able to follow her easy directions and the design board helped me envision my spaces. Now I find it easier to focus and I think I'm more productive. I know I'm definitely calmer!"  

~ Elizabeth M.


"Kelly helped me find balance in my needs and styles to make a beautiful, comfortable space that feels just right. She helped me move things along at a pace that worked for me and acted as a sounding board while I talked through ideas. I am looking forward to many more projects with Kelly."  

~ Angela M.


"Refreshed Designs works with you to ensure that your project turns out perfect for your life in every way. I love that Kelly always tries to reuse and repurpose the items you already have. We loved everything about our experience and would HIGHLY RECOMMEND her to anyone."

~ Tammie B.

E-fresh: online design for your home

With an e-fresh design plan you'll receive a design board that's personalized to work for you in your home, repurposing as much of your own furnishings as possible and sourcing new items when needed, but always within your budget.  You'll get an hour of FaceTime with me to ask all of your questions, plus detailed instructions on DIY, furniture placement and purchasing. It's an affordable option for professional advice that will save you money and time by getting your home design right the first time!

Don't wait - spots get booked up fast! 

 Online e-design interior design by Kelly Anderson, Refreshed Designs

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