Essentials for a Meditation & Yoga Room at Home

Inspired by yesterday's post, 5 Meditations You Can Do In 5 Minutes, I thought I'd source some essentials you might need to create your very own quiet space in your home to meditate and do yoga or read or just be

I think it's essential in a home to have a quiet, calm environment at home so that we can rest, recharge, and get intentional about our lives as a whole. It's so easy to get caught up in the furiously paced world with things coming at you every second. We need a calming space to centre ourselves again. 

How to design a meditation and yoga room at home

1. End table from Article / 2. Lamp from Wayfair / 3. Daybed from Wayfair / 4. Pillows: H&M, IKEA, Ten Thousand Villages / 5. Feather art from Etsy / 6. Stump stool from Etsy / 7. Floor pillow cover from Amazon plus floor cushion from Wayfair / 8. Large basket for yoga mat and blankets from Wayfair

6 Tips for Creating a Meditation Space at Home

1. Select a space that's quiet, away from the traffic zone, and not used for sleeping, working, cooking or watching anything on screens. It doesn't have to be a whole room; even a corner that you can make space in will work. 

2. Keep clutter to a minimum to induce a calming, peaceful feeling. 

3. Have cushions and blankets to make it comfortable, and keep the temperature regulated. It doesn't have to be on the floor - it could be a chair or sofa or anywhere that you can sit upright, open up your heart, and be comfortable. 

4. Have a focal point - perhaps a photo or symbol that has special meaning hung on the wall, or a view out a window looking at the sky or a tree.  

5. Appeal to the senses. Diffusing the air with essential oils or a naturally-scented soy or beeswax candle is a great idea. Sometimes light music or nature sounds help. And soft lighting from lamps (not overhead lighting) is relaxing.  

6. Include natural elements in order to feel connected to the earth and the world we are a part of. Bring in branches, rocks, driftwood, shells, sand or green plants. 

I hope you'll consider taking time to set up a quiet space in your home where there are no electronics and no distractions. I think you'll find you love it! 

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