DIY lightbulb terrarium

The terrarium trend is big right now, and I love that homeowners are embracing bringing plants indoors - it improves air quality and reminds us of the beauty of the natural world. Here's a way to display succulents without consuming pricey new glass vessels:  repurpose your lightbulbs. Clear lightbulbs (preferably used ones that you are replacing) can be upcycled into beautiful hanging terrariums.

Use tinsnips to cut into the top of the aluminum end of the lightbulb. Wear glasses and gloves to protect yourself from tiny bits of glass that will break when taking out the inside of the bulb. I also suggest doing all of this inside a cardboard box so that it catches all of the small shards of glass and wire.

Once the top of the bulb is cut off, use needlenose pliers to pinch the glass and wire. It will break and then you can dump it out into the box.

Next, wrap jute rope around the top and secure with hot glue. Leave one end long for hanging at the right height.

Finally, add sand, tiny pebbles and moss for air plants, and some soil for a mini-cactus or other succulent variety. Soak the plants in water for a while before inserting them into the bulbs using tweezers. Add a few drops or sprays of water now and then, and they will thrive.

I hung my three in a bunch over my upcycled nightstand in the bedroom using hooks. A bracket would also work well; I just used what I had on hand in my tool box.

Pretty easy right? A great way to re-use materials we would normally throw away instead of buying something new. If you like this little project, please Pin and share. Thanks!