Rustic master bedroom budget refresh

Well I"m back in Calgary after two fantastic weeks on the East Coast at "home" visiting family and friends. I was busy while there, and one of the projects was refreshing my mom and dad's bedroom. The budget was slim to nil on this one, so I had to get the creative juices flowing. I started with wallpapered walls and a lovely wood floor, a bed with black iron-look head and foot board, and two tired old dressers. And it was quite dark, with only one window facing east.

I was very excited to see what was possible by using the sustainable design concept of reusing and re-purposing. Here's how it turned out, and from it started from below. 

Everything on the walls and shelves was either something already in the house or from the yard or garage. Birch branches are leaned against the wall as a point of interest and to cover up a bad crack in the wall underneath the wallpaper. Snowshoes make for interesting artwork that didn't cost a thing. The iron head and foot boards of the bed frame were painted with white semi-gloss trim paint and then distressed with sandpaper.

Two old dressers were given new life with a coat of paint. 

Jewellery is displayed on an old picture frame with a ribbon tied across the back.

The side table is a block of reclaimed maple wood planed square and sanded down smooth. 

This whole master bedroom redecoration project cost a total of $100 dollars - for paint and fabric. The rest was all re-purposed and reused.  I'm pleased with it, and so are my parents. What do you think?