Simple Home. Simple Life.

A calm, Naturally beautiful home? Yup.

Here’s how.


1. Calm your home.

My FREE QUICKSTART GUIDE gives you 10 simple steps you can rock out in a weekend for a more relaxed and peaceful home. These quick wins will give you that ‘ahhh’ feeling every time you walk in your door!

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3. Simplify with Better Systems.

Sign up for bite-sized tasks that will give you big wins in your home. My free 7-Day Simplicity Course will direct you to make small tweaks to your home and lifestyle that will simplify your life and allow you to enjoy it more. Just 7 days of 30 minute tasks will get you big results.


7. Get online coaching for even more results

 Design coaching is an affordable and effective way to get professional design and organizing advice. I come from years of experience simplifying my own home and life, and helping clients do the same. You can ask me anything in a quick 1-hr session where I come into your home via online chat and answer any questions you have about colour, layout and your personal space.