Simple Home. Simple Life.


Here's how to begin simplifying & intentionally designing your spaces, systems & habits so you can tame the chaos & thrive.


1. Calm your home.

This Quickstart Guide outlines 10 simple steps you can take in a weekend that will result in a calmer, more relaxed and peaceful home. The guide focuses on getting you quick wins in the key areas of your home that will make a big difference in living a calmer and more peaceful life.

3. Simplify with Better Systems.

Take my free 7-Day Simplicity Course and see what even small tweaks to your home and lifestyle can do to simplify your life and allow you to enjoy it more. The actions steps in the course can be done in about 30 minutes a day and will get you big results.


7. Get online coaching for even more results

 Design coaching is an affordable and effective way to get professional design and organizing advice. I come from years of experience simplifying my own home and life, and helping clients do the same. You can ask me anything in a quick 1-hr session where I come into your home via online chat and answer any questions you have about colour, layout and your personal space.