IKEA PS locker barn board hack

I recently turned a room in my home into a dedicated office/studio space, and was in need of closed storage. Without a budget to purchase anything new for this room, I used an IKEA locker cabinet I already had and made it fit to the modern rustic style of the room. 

IKEA locker barn board hack for office
IKEA PS locker hack with barn boards

I simply cut two reclaimed barn boards to fit the top, sanded them smooth, and then used gorilla glue to secure them. This gave me another surface butted up to my desk where I can spread out and work. 

I jimmied off the lock/key sets on the doors, which left two big gaping holes - all of the original IKEA locking hardware was gone. This took a little bit of pounding but I eventually was able to get it off.  I had two large wooden knobs to use as the new hardware for the unit. To make them stick I used magnets on a flat piece of metal on the back of the door, then glued a nickel onto the knob, making it stick to the magnet and be usable to open the doors.

It’s a little confusing - bullets and photos below will hopefully help:

  • Remove all existing IKEA locking hardware

  • Glue nickel on wooden knob

  • Find a piece of metal at the hardware store and use 3 magnets to attach it to the back of the IKEA door.

  • Make sure the middle magnet sits in the empty hole in the door

  • Attach your wooden knob (ie. the nickel) to the magnet sticking through the hole

ikea locker hack
ikea locker hack
ikea locker.jpg
IKEA locker barn board hack

These simple hacks really change the look of the locker and make it both beautiful and functional in my home office. You can check out the whole room here. Simple is always better, isn't it? 

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