DIY standing desk with IKEA Hemnes dresser

IKEA Hemnes standing desk hack

You've read that sitting is the new smoking right? The Mayo Clinic has said that extended periods of sitting significantly increases our risk of disease and death. Yikes. So when I was designing my home office space I wanted to create a way to stand while working at my computer. Since I had basically no budget, I used what I already had: an IKEA Hemnes dresser. 

I turned my IKEA dresser into a desk by installing two sanded-down old barn boards on the top to make it the perfect height for typing on my laptop when I stand. The boards are simply sitting on the top, in case I want to change it out again later on. The monitor sitting on a vintage box is at the perfect height for my gaze and forces me to keep a good posture. 

The dresser also provides great closed storage for a printer, paper, as well as receipts and fabric and paint swatches. 

dresser as standing desk with printer in drawer

I swapped out the knobs for simple untreated wood knobs. That's all it took to make the dresser functional and tie into the modern rustic look of the whole office. 

DIY standing desk with IKEA Hemnes dresser

This was a really easy DIY project that makes a big impact on the functionality of my work at home. I also DIY'd a simple sitting desk with a monitor on top, and so I can switch my laptop back and forth quickly between sitting and standing desks. It's the perfect set up for productivity and healthy, simple living. 

DIY simple table desk from reclaimed barn boards
using a dresser as a DIY standing desk

Do you have a standing desk?